Danish Brewers’ Association

Bryggeriforeningen (Danish Brewers’ Association)
Faxehus, Gamle Carlsberg Vej 16
1799 København V, Danmark
Tel.: 7216 2424
Fax: 7216 2444

Niels Hald, Secretary General

About Danish Brewers Association
The Danish Brewers’Association (Bryggeriforeningen) was founded in 1899 and is the trade organization and common voice for breweries and bottling plants in Denmark.

We represent the brewers and producers of soft drinks with respect to parliament, government, media and the public regarding political issues like taxation, environment, food and health. We also represent our members in international organizations, working to promote the interests of the beer and soft drink industries.

We promote and run campaigns for responsible consumption where beer can be enjoyed in moderation. The campaigns are targeted both young people and their parents.

We work to raise awareness on beer as part of a healthy and natural lifestyle – a natural product, rooted in the proud Danish traditions and crafts, and as an important part of the Danish cultural history.

The Danish Brewers’Association is the co-owner of The Scandinavian School of Brewing – one of the world’s leading educational institutions for brewers.

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